The Marshall Cloud is loop rock from Bloomington, IN, now based in Chicago.


Loop of the Day

All music has to start somewhere. The Loop of the Day is a music loop up to a minute in length created and recorded each weekday by The Marshall Cloud. These loops are sketches written in the interest of exploring musical ideas and music production. The Loop Radio above plays these loops, but if you would like to hear them at their freshest, please send an email with the subject line 'subscribe' and they will be emailed to you directly (mp3). If you have any comments about the loops, or are a musician interested in collaborating or sampling, please feel free to respond or send an email anytime.


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Blackbox Singles features The Marshall Cloud music set to animation. Check out the Youtube channel: 

Blackbox Singles


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Exercises for Warmth and Power is an EP by a group that features all current members of The Marshall Cloud. Check it out on Bandcamp:

Marshall & Sam


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The Loop of the Day is a one loop every day machine piloted by The Marshall Cloud. Here are a few loops. Set your music player to 'repeat one' and listen as long as you can stand it. Or just preview below, whatever works.

      2015-3-25 - The Marshall Cloud
      2015-4-23 - The Marshall Cloud
      2015-5-6 - The Marshall Cloud
      2015-6-26 - The Marshall Cloud
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Mt. Fiction is an ongoing rock and hip hop fusion project. Check it out on Bandcamp:

Mt. Fiction

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Have something to say to The Marshall Cloud? Put it in the box! This is also another opportunity for you to subscribe to the loop of the day.